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Extend Your Laptop's Lifespan: Break Free from These 10 Destructive Habits

by Discount Store 05 Jul 2024
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Modern laptops are multitasking masters. They are built to last for a long time—until you break them. However, not all people use their laptops alike. A lot many users fail their laptops too early due their bad behavior.

In this guide we have put together 10 of the worst laptop usage practices that may harm hardware and result in a variety of computer problems. You may not be aware that these actions can damage your computer or perhaps be unaware that you are engaging in them. 

  1. Restart Refreshes the Operating System
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Manu users just close their laptop's lid after using it. This habit makes the laptop sleep and is still available for use whenever one chooses. The laptop's memory still has the cached data even after it is not completely shut off.

The RAM on your laptop helps you multitask without lag. When you start the app again, it launches more quickly since the cached data is kept there and is easily accessible. The cached data only disappears with this kind of non-volatile memory when you shut down or restart the machine. Therefore, turning off or restarting your laptop might be very useful.

So, occasionally restart your computer may refresh the operating system and, if feasible, fix issues. 

  1. Manage RAM and CPU Usage
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Apps need CPU and RAM to run. Overloading your laptop with too many tasks might cause it to operate more slowly. Close the apps that are you are not curranty using, it will create more room in your RAM for other programs that you are really using.

Not only does running the programs in the background slow down performance, but it also runs the risk of introducing bugs. Take care of your system and avoid taxing it too much. 

From the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Apple Macs), you can see what's using CPU and RAM and clear it. Sometimes just clicking the "X" on a window doesn't entirely dismiss it; instead, it continues to operate in the background. 

  1. Backups Are Life Savers
Windows Backups

You may not believe that you need to back up your data, but your storage disc might fail at any time, causing you to lose everything. Hard drives, whether conventional hard disc drives, solid-state drives, or fusion drives, have different life spans and can fail. They will eventually malfunction, and you risk losing data or having them corrupt. A complete hard drive crash could also occur as it worsens over time.

Regular backups might be useful in the situation. You may back up to an external hard drive or online cloud storage. We always advise to take more than one backups in case you lose internet connectivity or the external hard disc becomes inoperable.

  1. Items on Keyboards
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Many users leave items like pens or other stationary items on the keyboard and then close the lid. Such practices might harm the laptop's touch panel or screen.

Repairing LED laptop displays may be quite challenging. For a replacement, they often entail disassembling the whole screen and its back cover. Today's laptop displays are becoming slimmer and thinner as a result of the sleeker, more contemporary designs. Screens with glass panels are thus simpler to shatter even when being repaired.

  1. Do not Grab by Screen 
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Since laptops are portable and lightweight, so some people may lift their computer from the screen. This applies pressure and might damage the glass screen and internal pixels.

Pick up your laptop from the base at all times. As an outside casing, the laptop chassis protects the inside parts from damage. Compared to the glass-paneled screen, it can endure pressure considerably better.

  1. Take Care of Ventilation
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Every computer has a cooling system that keeps it operating at the right temperature. It distributes the heat produced by the CPU to ensure that everything runs properly. The laptop's vents then release the dispersed heat. These vents have to be maintained free of debris to avoid overheating. 

When using a laptop on a textile surface, such as a bed or a blanket, the vents are blocked, which increases the risk of internal heat buildup. Within 30 minutes of usage, it might get quite hot. Internal parts like the motherboard and the hard drive might suffer harm from overheating. The fan might get overworked as a result of inadequate ventilation since it must run continuously to release the stored heat. In this situation, the fan can also fail. So keep in mind to place your laptop on a flat, unobstructed surface, such a desk or a laptop stand, to keep it cool.

  1. Avoid Temperature and Dust

Dust is enemy for keyboard and motherboard. To preserve the computer while transportation to retailers or consumers, manufacturers maintain PCs in airtight packaging. Ordinary laptop users cannot pack their laptops similarly, thus it is up to them to protect the device.

Also, avoid leaving the laptop in a vehicle on a hot day or next to an open window while it is in direct sunlight. A laptop that has been exposed to heat or dust may experience overheating or dust accumulation issues. Keys on a keyboard may jam or corrode if dust gets inside. Additionally, if it gets inside the laptop, it may block the fan or cause the motherboard to corrode. You may prevent this by periodically opening your laptop and cleaning it. If you must, just use a lint-free cloth and an alcohol-based solution.

  1. Exposure to Liquids

A laptop may suffer significant harm from liquid spills. One of the most frequent causes of Different liquids may also cause interior components to rust or corrode. Therefore, you may wish to keep anything that might damage your laptop away from it.

The laptop may become wet through an open window during a rain or from spilled soup and beverages. It would typically be best to avoid leaving the laptop in a restroom or in a humid environment. Given that steam is a type of water, it is possible for steam to harm liquids.

  1. Eating While Typing

It may be quite handy to eat while working on a laptop or watching TV, but doing so might damage the keyboard. Your keyboard may get clogged with crumbs or fluids, which might also damage the places where the keys join. Jammed keys may cease functioning or provide incorrect results.

  1. Clocking up

We don't advise ordinary users to overclock their laptop. However, gaming enthusiasts or expert computer users should employ overclocking. 

By altering the laptop's BIOS, the procedure forces the CPU to work harder than it is designed to. To achieve it, you need to have some highly specialized technical expertise.

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