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Mobile Accessories For Fashion and Style in Pakistan

by Discount Store 08 Jul 2024
Mobile Accessories Price in Pakistan
  1. Pop Sockets
Pop Socket Price in Pakistan

Pop Socket is a popular mobile phone accessory that users are opting for fashion and style. It is a circle shaped grip made of plastic that you can attach to the backside of your phone, no matter whether your phone is inside a protective case or not. It can be easily attached using a sticky adhesive. A Pop Socket on your mobile phone offers an extended grip to hold your smartphone.

Pop Sockets come in different colors and styles, and you can easily change the Pop Top when you get bored with the old one. Mobile phone owners use Pop Sockets as a form of self-expression.

  1. Phone Rings
Phone Rings Price in Pakistan

Phone rings are a creative way to customize your smartphone and improve your level of control while using it. The finest phone rings reduce finger and hand fatigue while allowing you to access more of your screen. In comparison to pop-out phone grips, they also provide a tighter grasp on your phone. To make it simpler to view videos or conduct video chats, phone rings can double as kickstands. Select a ring that contrasts with or complements the color of your phone, such as a gold band on a black cover. There are many options available in Pakistan.

  1. Mobile Phone Skins
Mobile Phone Skins Price in Pakistan

In addition to phone cases, there are skins that people use to style their mobile phones. They are precisely crafted to fit every detail of your phone's appearance, including its curved edges, buttons, and ports. Your phone gains almost no thickness from them, and they hide any flaws like cracks or scratches that could have existed before the installation.

Phone skins obviously aren't as protective as cases; if you drop your phone onto a hard surface, a skin definitely won't be able to do much to reduce the damage. However, they at least prevent scratches, and if the skin on your phone breaks, simply leave the skin on.

  1. Phone Charms
Phone Charms Price in Pakistan

Mobile phone charms are little objects that look and feel like charm bracelet jewelry and are used to decorate a mobile phone. These little accessories may be used both for functionality and adornment purposes. Items containing celebrity portraits, characters from anime and video games, miniature versions of everyday objects, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind may all be found among them. Younger individuals, in particular, might use cell phone charms to externally show their enthusiasm for a specific topic, movie, or pop culture movement.

This mobile phone accessory is popular all over the world and can represent the interests and preferences of just about every culture in the world. These charms can be anything from elaborate woven designs that resemble the intricate work of handmade tapestries and blankets to commercially manufactured pieces of plastic that are made hundreds at a time in a factory.

  1. Phone Case Stickers
Phone Case Stickers Price in Pakistan

To create a distinctive appearance, you may apply stickers to your smartphone with various patterns, shapes, and colors. Stickers may be used to hide scratches on phone cases. If your phone case has scuffs or scratches, apply stickers to hide them. Your phone case may get a fresh lease on life as a result, appearing brand-new.

However, if you purchase stickers designed for vehicle windows that have adhesive on the front, you may put them inside the case to prevent the stickers from peeling. Traditional stickers with sticky backs should generally go on the exterior of the case.

To remove the stickers, rub the remaining part with alcohol and a paper towel or clean cloth to remove them completely. Stickers that are particularly difficult to remove may be softened by covering an area with an alcohol-soaked towel and letting it rest for a while. Rub away the residue with the cloth.

  1. Liquid Phone Cases
Liquid Phone Cases Price in Pakistan

Liquid phone cases are an innovative and artistic way to cover mobile phones. Also, it’s a great way to express yourself while also keeping your phone safe. The majority of phone owners have one or more cases, which are fortunately available in a variety of looks. The liquid or glitter phone cover is one common design that has lately gained worldwide attention.

The unique mineral oil used in liquid cases, often referred to as liquid waterfall cases, enables the glitter particles to float. 

These containers, when constructed securely, contain liquid paraffin, a component widely used in cosmetics and make-up.

Despite the fact that liquid phone covers are often safe to use, MixBin glitter cases that were designed expressly for the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 have the potential to burn users if they leak and the liquid seeps out. 

  1. Sustainable Phone Case
Sustainable Phone Case Price in Pakistan

Although there are many different styles of mobile phone covers available, a new and very significant trend is rising in popularity: sustainable cell phone cases. When it comes to environmental protection, this advancement is desperately needed. Every year, over 1.5 billion mobile phone cases are discarded.

They are mostly constructed of environmentally friendly materials like cork, bamboo, felt, or even recycled plastic. Many vendors also promise their stylish impact on phones, but before purchasing, always make sure the phone cover suits the model of the smartphone. Sustainable mobile phone cases are a stylish statement for environmental conservation as well.

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