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Mobile Phone Repair Guide: DIY Fixes and When to Visit a Professional

by Discount Store 20 Jun 2024
Mobile Repair in Pakistan

Why People Repair Phones Themselves

In Pakistan, many mobile phone owners try to fix simple phone problems on their own. They do so for many reasons:

  1. Save time by visiting the repair shop.
  2. Save money that a mobile phone technician may charge them for a minor issue.
  3. Online guides and videos encourage and empower them to carry out small tasks on their own at home.
  4. Many mobile phone owners find such repairs to be learning opportunities that help them customize their devices.
  5. Protect the data (family photos, videos, phone numbers, etc.) on their mobile phones.

Users' data has often been discovered in the media to have been copied at mobile phone repair facilities.

 A Note of Caution

 However, it is important to remember that you shouldn’t experiment with complicated phone repairs; otherwise, your mobile phone may get damaged, costing you money. In some cases, it may become irreparable.

In this mobile phone repair guide, we have suggested for you which simple mobile phone repair and maintenance tasks you can perform on your own. However, there are certain mobile phone repairs that you should not get into and should rather see an experienced and trusted mobile phone technician in your area. 

10 Mobile Phone Repairs You Can Do Yourself

  1. Mobile Phone Cleaning

Mobile Phone Cleaning

Cleaning the mobile phone is a simple and straight forward task that every mobile user should perform regularly. Over time, dust accumulates in the headphone jack, charging ports, and speakers. All you need is care and a cotton bud or toothpick to do the cleaning. You may also use a soft brush for this purpose.

  1. Fixing Loose Buttons

Fixing Loose Buttons

If the power and volume buttons on your phone become loose or do not work properly, then you can get them working again just by cleaning or adjusting the button mechanism.

  1. Replacing Screen Protectors

Replacing Screen Protectors

A screen protector on your mobile phone is easy to replace in case it becomes worn out or gets scratched. All you need is a cleaning cloth and a soft card or squeegee to smooth out bubbles or wrinkles.

Once you remove the old protector, clean the screen with a cloth, place the new protector gently on the screen, align it carefully, and then place it. After that, with the help of a soft card, remove the bubbles.

  1. Replacing Back Covers

Replacing Back Covers

Replacing a protective back cover on your mobile phone is a simple, common-sense task that you may perform when your cover becomes dirty and requires cleaning or replacement.

  1. Replace the charging cable

Replace the charging cable

If your mobile phone charging cable is damaged, buy a new one to power it up.

  1. Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

It is easy to replace a battery on an Android phone, but in the case of an iPhone, we would advise seeing a professional. The iPhone has a different design and comes with a unibody construction, and its battery is fixed inside the phone. Attempting to change the battery at home may damage your iPhone, so the best way is to ask a professional to do it for you.

  1. Clean the Camera Lens

Clean the Camera Lens

Camera lenses often get touched by fingers and accumulate dirt, so they need proper cleaning for quality images. You can gently clean it with a tissue or a soft piece of cloth.

  1. Software Issues

Software Issues

In case some app on your mobile starts to crash, freeze, or not perform well, simply restart the phone and clear the cache. If these actions do not work, then factory reset your mobile phone, but do not forget to back up your data first as a precautionary measure.

  1. Audio Issues

Audio Issues

Audio issues like low volume or distorted audio are common for mobile phone users. In such a scenario, you can find the solution in the settings area. Also, ensure you have the latest updates installed on your phone and that the headphone jack is clear.

  1. microSD Card

microSD Card Price in Pakistan

It is easy to insert or replace a microSD Card if your mobile phone has an expandable storage option.

 Mobile Phone Repairs: Seek Professional Help

  • Advance Protector Replacement

The process of repairing a damaged display screen is far more difficult than changing a screen protector, which could be a very simple task. DIY replacements of the displays on modern smartphones are dangerous since the screens are typically integrated and include fragile components. A screen that has been replaced in an incorrect manner might result in problems with touch sensitivity or even cause internal components to get damaged.

  • Liquid Damage

It is not advised that you try to fix your phone yourself if it has been exposed to water or any other liquid. It is possible to endanger the phone even more by improperly dismantling it in order to dry it out. Instead, turn off the phone as soon as you can, remove the battery if you can, and then take it to a specialist to have it properly dried and cleaned.

  • Internal Components

Repairing internal components such as the mother board, the CPU, or other complicated circuitry is a very difficult task that requires specialized equipment, technical expertise, and an environment that is well regulated. Just one misstep might result in irreparable harm to the phone. So, an ordinary mobile phone owner should not try to repair them. We would suggest visiting the manufacturer's service center or a trained and trusted phone repair technician.

  • Home Button/Non-Software Issues 

Fixing mobile phone home buttons might be difficult since they are often connected to the motherboard of the phone. It is highly recommended that you get expert assistance in the event that it does not react appropriately.

  • Battery Repairs

Replacing a mobile phone battery is safe, but you should not try to repair a damaged one, which is dangerous.

  • Warranty Voiding Repairs

If you attempt some repairs on your own at home, the manufacturer's warranty may be voided, making it more difficult to receive expert assistance in the event that anything goes wrong in the future.

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