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Best Electric Toothbrush to Buy Online in Pakistan

by Anas Khan 11 Jan 2023
Best Electric Toothbrush to Buy Online in Pakistan
Electric toothbrushes are commonly available on Pakistan-based ecommerce websites. Many people are moving from manual to electric toothbrush to improve their dental hygiene. They come in variety that an ordinary person finds it hard to pick the right one. One has to consider things like: price, charging, type of bristles and how fast they move. To help you search online quickly the right brush, we have put together a guide of five best electric toothbrushes available in Pakistan. The order is based on ranking that considers quality, durability and customer reviews.

1- Oral-B Pro 1000

oral b pro 1000 review Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush is compatible with nearly all the brand’s replacement brush heads. It carries an onboard two minute timer with useful quadrant pacing, keeping you on task, moving the brush around your mouth, cleaning all your teeth for the recommended amount of brushing time. Its pressure sensor helps you realize when you are brushing too hard. Its oscillating brushing motion is especially effective and feels plenty powerful to deliver a steady cleaning. The Oral-B Pro 1000 comes with a smaller charging base and what you have to do is to simply drop your brush onto its peg to charge fully. The brush lasts for at least a week of twice daily 2-minute brushing sessions before needing a recharge, which is on a par with the other electric toothbrushes in this price range. The biggest drawback is it is louder than other brushes we have reviewed.

2- Philips Sonicare 4100

philips sonicare 4100 review If you are looking for an electric brush that is not louder and has a head that vibrates back and forth instead of oscillates, then go for the Philips Sonicare 4100. Like the Pro 1000, the 4100 electric toothbrush also has a timer set for two minutes with quadrant pacing along with a pressure sensor. The 4100 runs much quietly than the Pro 1000, but unlike the Pro 1000 it comes to a full stop after two minutes of brushing whereas the Pro 1000 restarts the cycle. This electric brush has a less diverse and more expensive range of brush heads, giving you fewer options for head shapes and bristle textures. Once charged full the Philips Sonicare 4100 battery lasts longer than that of the Pro 1000. Since October 2021, the charging base that accompanies any new 4100 has only a USB plug. Customers can ask for a free two-prong plug adapter from Philips Sonicare.

3- Philips One by Sonicare

philips one rechargable electric toothbrush Phillips One by Sonicare is slim and very compact. It comes in a travelling case barely taking up any space in your toiletry bag, making it easy to take with you. Philips one comes in seven colors thus helping each family member to identify their own toothbrush easily. The battery operated model boasts a 3 months battery life, and the rechargeable one holds a charge for 30 days (60 uses) assuming if you brush your teeth twice a day. This Sonicare electric brush can also be charged by a USBC cable so you can use the same charger that you use with many phones, computers and other electronic devices. Though a USB-C charger comes with the Philips One Toothbrush but in case you leave it at home, there’s a good chance you can find another one in your bag or perhaps get a loaner from a hotel’s front desk.

4- Brightline Sonic

Brightline Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review Brightline Sonic is a simple rechargeable electric toothbrush. It comes without a pause and resume feature. Also, it does not have a pressure indicator or features like LED indicators. However, it is really good on basic performance, making it a good option for those who want to experience an electric teethbrush without spending much money. Unlike, some other electric toothbrushes, there is no indicator telling you that you are on a high or low setting so you have to hold down the power button until you find by feel the intensity setting good for you. Good thing is that Brightline Sonic remembers your previous vibration setting when you brush next time. This Brightline electric toothbrush comes with a built-in two minute timer with a 30 second quadrant reminder. There is no pause functionality; this means if you need to take a break while brushing, the timer resets not allowing you to keep track of the full 30 second or two minute requirement. Brightline claims a full charge will get 25 days of use.

5- Waterpik Care 5.0

Waterpik Care 5.0 Review Flossing with Waterpik Care 5.0 is efficient and almost effort. It removes food debris from between teeth which are tightly packed, which is something that could take you up to 20 minutes to execute by yourself. Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 is a bargain compared to buying an electric brush and a water pick separately. This two in one gets you five water flosser tips, two triple sonic brush heads, 10 pressure settings, three brush modes and a two minute timer with quadrant pacing. However, Waterpik does take some getting used to when first using it.
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