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The Best Laptops for Travelers in Pakistan

by Anas Khan 11 May 2023

If you're searching for the best laptops for travelers, you'd probably prefer a lightweight, portable computer that you can use wherever you are, whether that be on a plane, at the Karachi beach, or in the mountains up in Gilgit-Baltistan. You can read this in-depth assessment of the top 7 portable travelling laptops in Pakistan.

This guide has laptops for all types of travelers, including regular business travelers, weekend vacationers, and aspiring digital nomads. Also included is a ton of helpful advice since we know it might be difficult to choose amongst all the possibilities.


Best Overall Travel Laptop

One of the greatest MacBooks ever built is the brand-new 13" Apple MacBook Air (M1). This MacBook Air is not only extraordinarily small and light, but it is also highly powerful.

This MacBook Air can handle heavy video and picture editing, Netflix streaming, and gaming better than prior MacBook Pro versions! This is why anybody who enjoys Apple goods, from digital nomads to infrequent business travelers, should consider it to be among the finest laptops for both work and play.

The 13-inch MacBook Air (M1) has an amazing 18 hours of battery life, which is quite helpful when you're outside and don't have access to power outlets.

No matter what you want to use your laptop for, the 13" Apple MacBook Air (M1) is unquestionably the greatest travel computer. It's one of the least expensive MacBooks available in Pakistan, it delivers excellent value for the money while still being lighter, quicker, and more powerful than the majority of modern computers!

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 380,000 to Rs. 750,000

2. DELL XPS 13

Best Laptop for Digital Nomads

If you don't like Macs, the light and thin Dell XPS 13 (9300) is the finest notebook to travel with. Although the Dell XPS 13 is more expensive than others, it is unquestionably a worthwhile purchase since it is one of the most powerful, quick, and portable PCs available.

This Dell laptop has a powerful quad-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, and other features that make it the ideal laptop for on-the-go work for non-Mac users. On this laptop, you can run numerous visually taxing applications simultaneously and yet obtain blazing-fast reaction times and performance quality (such as Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, or gaming). With a battery life of up to an amazing 17 hours, this laptop is ideal for digital nomads who like to work outside.

If you are prepared to spend money on a laptop that is really powerful, durable, and adaptable, the Dell XPS 13 is the finest laptop for business and travel. You may complete your task more quickly because to its quick and responsive touchscreen capability.

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 170,000 to Rs. 335,000


Best Alt. Laptop for Digital Nomads

The ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX334) is lightweight, compact laptop, which costs far less than the Dell XPS 13 (9300) and performs very well on common chores like surfing, streaming, video chatting, and running Microsoft Office software, weighs 2.8 lbs (1.29 kg).

The touchscreen includes a very fantastic 5.65" interactive touchscreen touchpad that effectively serves as a second display. In fact, you can move windows from your main screen onto the trackpad, start programs like WhatsApp or the calculator right on the touchpad, and even watch YouTube videos there so that your main screen may be used for anything else. This function boosts productivity greatly.

The ASUS ZenBook is a fantastic laptop for business travelers who don't need to do extensive video editing or play graphically demanding games. It comes with a respectable battery life of up to 12 hours.

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 120,000 to Rs. 260,000


Best Laptop for Business Travel

For regular or infrequent business travelers who want a reliable travel laptop without breaking the budget, this versatile laptop + tablet is ideal.

With a weight of 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg), this adaptable laptop is light and convenient to carry everywhere. It also has a digital pen that is great for taking notes during virtual meetings, drawing, and editing images. It is very quick and powerful for necessary daily chores like streaming movies, using Microsoft Office programs, surfing the web, and utilising Adobe Creative Cloud apps thanks to its 16GB RAM and AMD Ryzen 5 CPU.

Although its battery life is less than that of the laptops advised for digital nomads, it is still extremely good for its price range. It lasts up to 10 hours.

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 86,400 to Rs. 188,500


Best Laptops for Travel Blogging

Because of its stunning Retina 500 nits display, the 13" Apple MacBook Pro (M1) is the finest travel laptop for photographers, travel bloggers, and vloggers. This is true of both Mac and PC models. Moreover, this laptop is the quickest 13" laptop available right now owing to its potent Apple M1 CPU. When working with graphically demanding programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, both of these benefits will significantly improve your experience and productivity!

With a 20-hour battery life, the 13" MacBook Pro (M1) lets you edit pictures and films outside without worrying about running out of power. The nicest feature of this powerful laptop is how light and tiny it is despite its remarkable efficiency. It weighs 3 lbs (1.4 kg), which is practically the same as the 13" MacBook Air (M1), which weighs 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg), and their sizes are almost identical!

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 262,000 to Rs. 360,500


Best Budget Travel Laptop

If you need an inexpensive travel laptop that can tackle common chores, the 14" Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is the greatest value for your money. This little laptop, which weighs just 3.5 pounds.

The performance of this laptop is pretty excellent; despite having an Intel Core i3 CPU, the 14" Lenovo IdeaPad 3 can execute many simple activities without experiencing any lag. This includes easy picture editing and casual gaming!

If you want to work outside often, the battery life of this laptop is up to 6 hours, which is another factor to take into account. Overall, for professionals and students who don't need earth-shattering power but nonetheless value speed and productivity on daily activities, the 14" Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is the most inexpensive travel laptop.

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 77,000 to Rs. 133,000


Best Small Travel Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is one of the lightest and smallest travel laptops available in Pakistan. It weighs just 1.2 lbs (544 g), and is a highly flexible 2-in-1 laptop + tablet that runs Windows 10. Its lovely appearance makes it ideal for casual daily activities including surfing, emailing and streaming. With dimensions of 9.6" (24 cm) in length and 0.33" (0.8 cm) in width, this little travel laptop scarcely occupies any room in a bag. It has a touchscreen that is easy to operate with one hand.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the finest tiny laptop for travelling for the ordinary Windows user since it is extremely reasonably priced and effortlessly does simple tasks. This 2-in-1 laptop + tablet will perform superbly whether you need to use Microsoft Office applications or participate in a video conference call. Its battery life is really rather impressive; it can last for up to 10 hours!

Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 89,000 to Rs. 160,000

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