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Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover Review

by Anas Khan 01 Mar 2023
microsoft surface pro type cover review
The Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover functions as both a keyboard and mouse. Also, the cover protects the screen area. The Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover makes the tablet feel a lot like a laptop and lets you do things that no other tablet can do.

Design and Features

There were two keyboard coverings available for previous-generation Surface tablets: the vibrant Microsoft Touch Cover and the substantial but more functional Microsoft Type Cover. Microsoft has given up with the touch-sensitive Touch Cover this time around and combined the original Type Cover's superior functionality with its variety of vibrant colors. The Surface Pro Type Cover keeps many of the greatest features of its forerunners. It including illuminated physical keys, an integrated touchpad, and function keys. The function keys are preprogrammed to access Windows 8 features for quicker interface navigation.

New Improvements

Though the Surface Pro Type Cover has similarities with previous generations, it has the following updates:

Magnetic Flap

A small, magnetic flap that runs adjacent to the keyboard's docking connection has also been added. The flap unfolds and magnetically fastens to the front of the tablet, angling the keyboard. Because of the small slope, the typing experience is far more pleasant than the previous one's flat design.

Large Trackpad

With a bigger 1.73 by 3.48 inch sensor, a clickable surface, and a smooth, low-friction finish that is superior to the felt-like substance previously utilized, the trackpad has also been upgraded.

Place for the Surface Pen

The right side of the keyboard has a loop for storing the new digital Surface Pen for the tablet, which is the last important design modification. The Surface Pro Type Cover is bigger overall (H: 8.6, W: 11.6, D: 0.19) than the previous Type Cover, which measured 7 by 11 by 0.22 inches. The larger size is the result of the new tablet's larger 12-inch display and wider 3:2 display aspect ratio, but the impact on typing comfort is significant. The bigger keyboard enables slightly larger keys that are 0.72 inches square rather than the previous Type Cover's 0.7 inch square, giving users more freedom to move their hands around. The difference of 0.3-inch in cover thickness seems insignificant, and it is in most cases, with the exception of when the cover for the display is folded shut and the overall profile is made somewhat smaller. It is theoretically possible to use the new Type Cover to type on an earlier Surface tablet in a pinch or the previous Type Cover (or Touch Cover, for that matter) to type on the new Surface Pro 3 despite the fact that their dimensions are different. However, due to the size variations, the sensors on the new Surface Pro, the new Type Cover, and the older Surface tablets do not line up, so you need to buy the cover specifically designed for your model of Surface tablet. The vibrant hues are practically comparable, with the cyan blue Type Cover closely resembling the previous Touch Cover with only a small tint difference. The Type Cover is furthermore available in red, black, purple, and light blue (a Best Buy-exclusive). The Type cover had previously only been offered in black.

Typing Performance

The Surface Pro Type Cover is an improvement over the earlier model in many aspects, although it still has certain issues. For instance, although the new tilted keyboard position makes typing more comfortable; it also introduces a new, distracting factor. The keyboard backing of the new Type Cover is a little bit stiffer than the one on the old Type Cover, which is better for typing on your lap or other shaky surfaces. Yet when you write with the Surface Pro Type Cover elevated off the tabletop, you feel empty since the cover itself is thinner. The cover loses its lightweight sensation when you lay it flat, but it also loses its cozy sloping angle. There is no getting past the reality that this isn't a normal keyboard, so it's a trade-off in any case. The typing experience is still among the finest we've seen with this kind of keyboard cover. The typing experience with actual, physical keys that move, is far superior to the capacitive sensors used on the Surface Touch Cover. It has restrictions, however, since it can only function at 0.19 inches of thickness. The Surface Pro Type Cover's bigger dimensions provide more space for typing and slightly larger keys. If you're accustomed to a bigger, chiclet-style keyboard, which separates each key, the new variant of the cover may still seem claustrophobic since the square keys still don't have any meaningful separation between them. While the Surface Pro Type Cover isn’t inexpensive, the Surface Pro 3 essentially requires it. While the tablet does enable touch and pen input, certain mouse operations in some programs do not have a corresponding touch capability. You'll be forced to use a Bluetooth-connected keyboard like the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard or switch between two devices using the Surface Pro Type Cover's single USB connection if you attempt to use a separate keyboard and mouse without it.

Final Thoughts

Do yourself a favor and get the Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover if you're purchasing a Surface Pro 3. Even though it has certain issues, you'll find that it gives the tablet a substantial boost in productivity and is essential to turning it into a usable computer.
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