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Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

by Adeela Hadait 03 Aug 2022
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
The iPhone 5 and the latest iPods Touches now include upgraded in-ear headphones with a built-in microphone. Although they are much better than previous ones, they still have some potential flaws. These apple EarPods with mic have the following good features and deficiencies with the honest review:

The Good:

The sound is most impressive, with more definition and bass than prior headphones of apple. They are also lightweight, featuring an in-built controller and microphone for managing music playback and making calls.

The Bad:

Some people may not find Apple EarPods With Remote and mic a comfortable, secure fit as everyone's ear shape and size is not the same. Also, they let inside much sound while also leaking a bit.

Excellent Sound Enhancement

Initially, Apple's headphones used to be the black sheep of the company's product line. Compared to the famous world-class designs of the iPhone, iPod, iMac and Macbook, the original Apple headphones slipped beyond almost all other rivals. The freebies that came with all iPod models during the first generation were awful. The 2004 In-Ear device was fine, and the 2008 iPhone-compatible In-Ear headset was better. However, neither was still much better enough to be called insanely great, particularly compared to the growing number of inexpensive headphones that sound excellent. Thankfully, the Apple EarPods returned to their original soundtrack. Apple has significantly enhanced the Apple EarPods With mic sound; they provide much more bass and overall clean, crisp and pleasant sound. EarPods' fit is significantly enhanced too and fits a bit securely. I found it more suitable (as I could not use the previous one because of not being a perfect fit), but the design is not without its possible shortcomings. They were fairly nice to use, but my complaint is that they didn't fit properly and securely for me. Of course, ears differ in size and shape, and the EarPods might fit some ears more tightly than others, but most of my friends had tried them, and they too agreed that Apple EarPods With Remote and mic do not provide the most secure fit. Another minor downside is that these EarPods leak some sound. Apple has stated that it has worked on limiting the sound leakage, and it is not as awful as I considered it would be, but there is still noticeable spilling when the volume is increased. Apple's EarPods are slightly identical to Bose's MIE2i in-ear headphones in that they both are made of hard plastic and have side-firing drivers. The EarPods additionally have two tiny apertures on the bud that produce sound) and lack a noise isolating design(you don't compress a pair of silicone ear tips into your ears). The Bose Earbuds have added silicone covers and a set of wings that hold the earphones firmly and securely in place. The EarPods come without additional silicone bits, just the firm, sculpted and smooth buds you get.

As a freebie, this is fantastic!

Let me be clear on one point. It is obvious that everyone who receives them as part of their iPhone or an iPod bundle will be pleased. Nowadays, the majority of earbuds and headsets that come with smartphones fall into an awful category. In comparison with what you typically receive, EarPods are superior and an excellent option. In addition to the deeper and rich bass, they sound more open and less recessed and canned. Although a lack of tight seal results in a slight loss of low-end sound, the bass is surprisingly deeper. Despite the midrange's tendency to be a bit aggressive, Apple did an excellent job creating a sound profile that works well for a variety of music genres. Although it is not going to satisfy and please everyone, most folks will be happy with it. Apple claims that these EarPods With Remote and mic are more sweat resistant than its previous buds; their performance, audio, or build quality can not be characterised as exceptional or extraordinary. Nevertheless, their sound stands up well against competitors in their price range. They may sound just as good as or even better than many earbuds, even much more expensive earbuds versions, but they appear and feel less expensive. However, all of the insights about the performance come with a caveat. Noisier environments can be problematic for these non-noise isolating buds since they just let in too much noise. Initially, I was impressed by the EarPods sitting at work listening to them. They sat well enough in my ears, comfy, nice and light and sounded fairly well but as soon as I left my workplace and took these out onto the streets, they just didn't cut it. In the beginning, these Apple EarPods with remote constantly felt like they were ready to fall out of my ears as I was walking. They mostly managed to stay in, for the most part, sometimes just barely, but the feeling that they were about to slip out of my ears was literally irritating. I believe it is safe to say that EarPods will be a perfect and secure fit for certain ears than others, but it would be incorrect to say that they provide a uniformly secure fit.


The Apple EarPods With Remote and mic are a noticeable step up and upgrade from freebie headphones which are generally included in mobile devices as a throw-in with the latest iPod or an iPhone. They are far more comfortable and have higher sound quality than the previous model's standard issue apple earbuds. They also work effectively as a headset with just one-touch access to Siri. Also, they would not snuggly fit all ears, and some people might find it challenging to use while travelling. You might think that Apple wouldn't be able to include a silicone cover to make them fit perfectly and more securely. Sure, But since it didn't, it's expected that the third-party manufacturers fill in the gap with unique covers that give the EarPods a better grip. Of course, many people will love them and be satisfied with them just the way they are, and will have nothing but admiration for them and will think we are insane for not giving them four stars. Others, on the other side, might think they are just so-so for that amount and that anything beyond three stars is a reach. Because how you feel about the EarPods, in the end, is completely dependent on the shape of your ears, it would be hard to nail down a precise grade for them. But the best part is that with so many folks purchasing the latest iPhones and iPods, many of them will be available for you to test before you buy Apple Airpods with Mic. And it is recommended to do so. So, when are you purchasing an Apple EarPods with remote and mic? Whenever you decide to do so, the is here for the best EarPods at the good apple EarPods price in Pakistan. Also, check out Apple EarPods for sale in Pakistan and Buy now!
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